We had a free tour for non-Japanese people!

2020/04/10 | News

To improve our Moritabi tour (Forest-tour), we had a free tour for non-Japanese people. Greg from Germany and Laura from France joined the tour and sent us their reports! Please check the following reports. If you would like to join Moritabi-tour, please contact us.

Greg: I didn´t come to Japan to see the regular tourist-program. I came to Japan to discover the country, the culture and the people. That´s why I was so happy to meet the team of “Mori-Tabi” (=Forest-Tour). Their tour gives you a real insight on how Japanese people use the immense gifts their country offers to live in a sustainable way. Close to tradition, yet modern and innovative! I spend one day on their program and I just loved the combination of activities. Whether it´s managing a forest, crafting traditional dolls, having delicious foods or relaxing in the Onsen – it´s a real hands on experience.
Their motivation and commitment of the staff is outstanding. A wonderful memory of a very special adventure in Japan. Thank you so much!

Laura: I really had a great time doing the Mori Tabi forest tour. I enjoyed learned about the Japanese sustainable wood production cycle , from the forest to the different utilization of the wood. My favorite part was creating my own traditional Kokeshi doll with the wood,  while enjoying a nice cup of tea in this adorable Kokeshi café. You get to bring back with you a memorable souvenir of that journey.  Thank you for your warm hospitality and sharing with me your motivation for promote a sustainable  way of living.

At the Kurikoma-Kunen-sawmill.

Greg: I loved the way they “think global and act local”. Only using wood from the Region, they use natural smoke to dry and preserve the wood. That way they don´t need chemicals and can offer a regional, healthy and innovative product.

Laura.  I was so impress during our visit of the sawmill, be around this amount of wood, and see all the diverse utilization they make of it is very interesting.

After the doll-crafting workshop

Greg: It´s amazing to work with this piece of wood, knowing exactly where it comes from. And it´s such a relaxed and fun atmosphere when finishing the doll-making process. I loved it!

Laura: It´s a great activity to finish the tour with , you can appreciate and understand all the work that is behind the production of a traditional Kokeshi wood doll and keep it with you as a adorable souvenir of that day.